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Top 100 Text to Music Prompts

"Unlock the potential of your music with these inspiring prompts."

Creating viral music involves blending creativity, technical skills, and a deep understanding of musical genres. These prompts will inspire you to explore new musical landscapes, experiment with different styles, and create tracks that resonate with a wide audience. Dive into these 100 prompts to start your musical journey and create hits that will captivate listeners around the world.



  • Title: "Top 100 Text to Music Prompts"
  • Subtitle: "Unlock Your Creative Potential with These Inspiring Prompts"
  • Tagline: "Unlock the potential of your music with these inspiring prompts."
  • Description: "These 100 music prompts are designed to inspire you to create viral music across various genres and styles. Each prompt provides a unique combination of musical elements to explore and experiment with."
  • Keywords: Music, Prompts, Creativity, Viral Music, Genres, Styles, Inspiration, EDM, Hip Hop, Lo-fi, Pop, Indie, Classical, Rock, Jazz, Ambient, Trap, Reggae, Blues, Country, Orchestral, Fusion, Experimental


# Top 100 Text to Music Prompts
- Subtitle: Unlock Your Creative Potential with These Inspiring Prompts
- Tagline: Unlock the potential of your music with these inspiring prompts.
- Description: These 100 music prompts are designed to inspire you to create viral music across various genres and styles. Each prompt provides a unique combination of musical elements to explore and experiment with.
- 5 Topics

## Topics
- EDM: Synth, Drums, Bass, Electronic Beats, Percussion...
- Hip Hop: Piano, Soft Drums, Bass, Synth, Vocals...
- Indie: Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Soft Drums, Mandolin, Banjo...
- Classical: Strings, Choir, Brass, Orchestral, Harp...
- Fusion: Saxophone, Piano, African Drums, Sitar, Tabla...


"Feel the beat with these high-energy EDM prompts."

Explore the vibrant world of Electronic Dance Music with these prompts. They blend various styles and elements to create tracks that are perfect for dancing, festivals, and energetic environments.

  1. Electro-Pop Renaissance
  2. Classical EDM Symphony
  3. Latin EDM Fiesta
  4. Deep House Meditation
  5. Techno City Pulse
  6. Synthwave Sunset Drive
  7. Future Bass Space Odyssey
  8. Deep House Night Groove
  9. Techno Industrial Revolution
  10. Tropical House Paradise
  11. Chillwave Coastal Journey
  12. Cyber Trap Adventure
  13. Ambient Space Odyssey
  14. Funky Groove Night
  15. Futuristic Amapiano Fusion
  16. Electronic Amapiano Fusion
  17. Amapiano and Afrobeat Fusion
  18. Orchestral Amapiano Elegance
  19. Latin-Amapiano Blend
  20. Chillhop Amapiano Mix

Hip Hop

"Chill and vibe with these laid-back Hip Hop prompts."

Discover the chilled-out vibes of Hip Hop combined with Lofi, Jazz, and more. These prompts are perfect for creating tracks that are mellow, relaxing, and perfect for studying or lounging.

  1. Hip Hop Lofi Lounge
  2. Phonk Power Surge
  3. Urban Jazz Fusion
  4. Chillhop Study Session
  5. Trap and Soul Fusion
  6. Melodic Trap Wave
  7. Trap Jazz Crossover
  8. Jazz-Infused Amapiano Groove
  9. Soulful Amapiano Vibes
  10. Amapiano Meets Traditional African Rhythms
  11. Urban Nightscape
  12. Trap Pop Convergence
  13. Experimental Trap
  14. Jazz Lounge Essence
  15. Trap and Soul Fusion
  16. Trap Jazz Crossover
  17. Chill Trap Dreams
  18. Experimental Trap
  19. Melodic Trap Wave
  20. Jazz-Infused Amapiano Groove


"Get lost in the melodies with these Indie music prompts."

Create heartwarming and emotive tracks with these Indie prompts. Blending elements of Folk, Cinematic, and Blues, these prompts will help you tell stories through your music.

  1. Cinematic Indie Dreams
  2. Indie Folk Escape
  3. Rustic Country Roads
  4. Indie Folk Serenity
  5. Psychedelic Rock Voyage
  6. Indie Folk Adventure
  7. Rustic Blues Serenade
  8. Indie-Folk Melodies
  9. Indie Folk Escape
  10. Indie Folk Serenity
  11. Cinematic Indie Dreams
  12. Desert Blues Mirage
  13. Chillwave Coastal Journey
  14. Ambient Space Odyssey
  15. Psychedelic Rock Voyage
  16. Indie Folk Adventure
  17. Rustic Blues Serenade
  18. Indie-Folk Melodies
  19. Synthwave Sunset Drive
  20. Urban Jazz Fusion


"Feel the grandeur with these Classical music prompts."

Dive into the elegance and majesty of Classical music fused with modern styles. These prompts will inspire you to create epic, uplifting, and dramatic tracks.

  1. Classical EDM Symphony
  2. Ethereal Orchestral Dreams
  3. Epic Adventure Soundtrack
  4. Cinematic Fantasy Tale
  5. Orchestral Fantasy Epic
  6. Meditative Zen Garden
  7. Orchestral Amapiano Elegance
  8. Ethereal Orchestral Dreams
  9. Epic Adventure Soundtrack
  10. Classical Meets Electronic
  11. Jazz-Raga Fusion
  12. Bollywood Electro-Pop
  13. Rock and Ragas
  14. Hip-Hop Beats with Indian Percussion
  15. Ambient Sitar Escapes
  16. Trance-Tabla Rhythms
  17. Indian Folk-Blues Blend
  18. Carnatic Progressive Exploration
  19. Amapiano Meets Traditional African Rhythms
  20. Chillwave Coastal Journey


"Experiment with these unique fusion music prompts."

Blend genres and create innovative sounds with these fusion prompts. Combining elements from different musical traditions, these prompts will help you craft tracks that are truly unique.

  1. Phonk Power Surge
  2. Cinematic Indie Dreams
  3. Latin EDM Fiesta
  4. Soulful Lo-Fi Reflections
  5. Rock and Rap Fusion Force
  6. Country Pop Crossover Charm
  7. Synthwave Sunset Drive
  8. Urban Jazz Fusion
  9. Ethereal Orchestral Dreams
  10. Funky Groove Night
  11. Mystical Reggae Spirits
  12. Techno City Pulse
  13. Indie Folk Escape
  14. Rock Revival Energy
  15. Meditative Zen Garden
  16. Epic Adventure Soundtrack
  17. Jazz Lounge Essence
  18. Chillhop Study Session
  19. Desert Blues Mirage
  20. Techno Industrial Revolution

Top 100 List

  1. Electro-Pop Renaissance (EDM)
  2. Hip Hop Lofi Lounge (Hip Hop)
  3. Phonk Power Surge (Hip Hop)
  4. Cinematic Indie Dreams (Indie)
  5. Classical EDM Symphony (Classical)
  6. Latin EDM Fiesta (EDM)
  7. Soulful Lo-Fi Reflections (Fusion)
  8. Rock and Rap Fusion Force (Fusion)
  9. Country Pop Crossover Charm (Fusion)
  10. Deep House Meditation (EDM)
  11. Synthwave Sunset Drive (EDM)
  12. Urban Jazz Fusion (Hip Hop)
  13. Ethereal Orchestral Dreams (Classical)
  14. Funky Groove Night (Fusion)
  15. Mystical Reggae Spirits (Fusion)
  16. Rustic Country Roads (Indie)
  17. Techno City Pulse (EDM)
  18. Indie Folk Escape (Indie)
  19. Rock Revival Energy (Indie)
  20. Meditative Zen Garden (Classical)
  21. Epic Adventure Soundtrack (Classical)
  22. Jazz Lounge Essence (Classical)
  23. Chillhop Study Session (Hip Hop)
  24. Desert Blues Mirage (Indie)
  25. Techno Industrial Revolution (EDM)
  26. Reggae Sun Vibes (Fusion)
  27. Ambient Space Odyssey (EDM)
  28. Indie Folk Serenity (Indie)
  29. Funky Disco Revival (EDM)
  30. Cinematic Fantasy Tale (Classical)
  31. Chillwave Coastal Journey (Indie)
  32. Future Bass Space Odyssey (EDM)
  33. Rustic Blues Serenade (Indie)
  34. Psychedelic Rock Voyage (Indie)
  35. Deep House Night Groove (EDM)
  36. Retro Funk Disco Party (Fusion)
  37. Orchestral Fantasy Epic (Classical)
  38. Jazz Lounge Relaxation (Hip Hop)
  39. Electro Swing Revival (EDM)
  40. Meditative Zen Escape (Classical)
  41. Tropical House Paradise (EDM)
  42. Indie Folk Adventure (Indie)
  43. Symphonic Metal Majesty (Classical)
  44. Folk Metal Saga (Classical)
  45. Progressive Metal Exploration (Fusion)
  46. Industrial Metal Revolution (Fusion)
  47. Gothic Metal Mystique (Fusion)
  48. Power Metal Heroics (Fusion)
  49. Doom Metal Depths (Fusion)
  50. Death Metal Fury (Fusion)
  51. Black Metal Abyss (Fusion)
  52. Thrash Metal Adrenaline (Fusion)
  53. Sludge Metal Grit (Fusion)
  54. Viking Metal Saga (Fusion)
  55. Metal Jazz Fusion (Fusion)
  56. Amapiano Vibes Merge (Fusion)
  57. Igbo Melodic Blend (Fusion)
  58. Reggae-Afropop Fusion (Fusion)
  59. Afro-Electronic Dance (Fusion)
  60. Highlife Afropop Fusion (Fusion)
  61. Soulful Afro-Swing (Fusion)
  62. Afro-Fusion Groove (Fusion)
  63. Contemporary Afro-Beat (Fusion)
  64. Afro-Jazz Smooth Blend (Fusion)
  65. Urban Afro-Rhythms (Fusion)
  66. Classical Meets Electronic (Classical)
  67. Jazz-Raga Fusion (Classical)
  68. Bollywood Electro-Pop (Classical)
  69. Indie-Folk Melodies (Indie)
  70. Rock and Ragas (Classical)
  71. Hip-Hop Beats with Indian Percussion (Classical)
  72. Ambient Sitar Escapes (Classical)
  73. Trance-Tabla Rhythms (Classical)
  74. Indian Folk-Blues Blend (Classical)
  75. Carnatic Progressive Exploration (Classical)
  76. Urban Nightscape (Hip Hop)
  77. Melodic Trap Wave (Hip Hop)
  78. Trap and Soul Fusion (Hip Hop)
  79. Ethnic Trap Exploration (Hip Hop)
  80. Chill Trap Dreams (Hip Hop)
  81. Cyber Trap Adventure (Hip Hop)
  82. Trap Jazz Crossover (Hip Hop)
  83. Trap Pop Convergence (Hip Hop)
  84. Experimental Trap (Hip Hop)
  85. Cinematic Trap Drama (Hip Hop)
  86. Jazz-Infused Amapiano Groove (Fusion)
  87. Soulful Amapiano Vibes (Fusion)
  88. Amapiano Meets Traditional African Rhythms (Fusion)
  89. Lounge-Style Amapiano Chill (Fusion)
  90. Futuristic Amapiano Fusion (Fusion)
  91. Amapiano and Afrobeat Fusion (Fusion)
  92. Orchestral Amapiano Elegance (Classical)
  93. Latin-Amapiano Blend (Fusion)
  94. Amapiano and Reggae Crossover (Fusion)
  95. Cinematic Amapiano Storytelling (Fusion)
  96. Electronic Amapiano Fusion (Fusion)
  97. Afro-Jazz Amapiano Blend (Fusion)
  98. Chillhop Amapiano Mix (Fusion)
  99. Amapiano and Blues Fusion (Fusion)
  100. Cosmic Future Bass Journey (EDM)
  101. Melodic Future Bass Dreamscape (EDM)

Top 100 Table

Rank Name Topic Tagline
1 Electro-Pop Renaissance EDM High-energy beats of EDM with Pop
2 Hip Hop Lofi Lounge Hip Hop Chill, laid-back, perfect for studying
3 Phonk Power Surge Hip Hop Energetic blend of Hip Hop and EDM
4 Cinematic Indie Dreams Indie Emotive and rich, blending Indie with Cinematic
5 Classical EDM Symphony Classical Majestic blend of EDM and Classical
6 Latin EDM Fiesta EDM Vibrant Latin rhythms and EDM
7 Soulful Lo-Fi Reflections Fusion Deeply relaxing with Soulful vocals
8 Rock and Rap Fusion Force Fusion Aggressive and rhythmically engaging
9 Country Pop Crossover Charm Fusion Relatable and heartwarming
10 Deep House Meditation EDM Serene yet rhythmic deep house
11 Synthwave Sunset Drive EDM Nostalgic and serene Synthwave
12 Urban Jazz Fusion Hip Hop Sophisticated and street-smart Jazz
13 Ethereal Orchestral Dreams Classical Dreamy Orchestral and Ambient
14 Funky Groove Night Fusion Playful and energetic Funk and House
15 Mystical Reggae Spirits Fusion Mystical blend of Reggae and Psy Trance
16 Rustic Country Roads Indie Soulful journey with Country and Blues
17 Techno City Pulse EDM Energetic pulse of Techno
18 Indie Folk Escape Indie Peaceful and reflective Indie Folk
19 Rock Revival Energy Indie Energizing Rock with Metal touch
20 Meditative Zen Garden Classical Zen-like Meditation and Ambient
21 Epic Adventure Soundtrack Classical Dramatic Orchestral and Future Bass
22 Jazz Lounge Essence Classical Smooth Jazz and R&B
23 Chillhop Study Session Hip Hop Relaxed Lo-fi and Hip Hop
24 Desert Blues Mirage Indie Mysterious Blues and World Music
25 Techno Industrial Revolution EDM High-energy, mechanized Techno
26 Reggae Sun Vibes Fusion Relaxed Reggae and Soul
27 Ambient Space Odyssey EDM Ethereal Ambient and Synthwave
28 Indie Folk Serenity Indie Heartwarming Indie and Folk
29 Funky Disco Revival EDM Vibrant Funk and Disco
30 Cinematic Fantasy Tale Classical Epic Orchestral and World Music
31 Chillwave Coastal Journey Indie Serene Chillwave and Ambient
32 Future Bass Space Odyssey EDM Energetic Future Bass and Synthwave
33 Rustic Blues Serenade Indie Soulful Blues and Country
34 Psychedelic Rock Voyage Indie Trippy Psychedelic Rock and Indie
35 Deep House Night Groove EDM Mesmerizing Deep House and Tech House
36 Retro Funk Disco Party Fusion Energetic Funk and Disco
37 Orchestral Fantasy Epic Classical Grand Orchestral and Cinematic
38 Jazz Lounge Relaxation Hip Hop Smooth Jazz and Soul
39 Electro Swing Revival EDM Energetic Electro and Swing
40 Meditative Zen Escape Classical Peaceful Meditation and Ambient
41 Tropical House Paradise EDM Happy Tropical House and Synthwave
42 Indie Folk Adventure Indie Heartwarming Indie and Folk
43 Symphonic Metal Majesty Classical Epic Symphonic and Metal
44 Folk Metal Saga Classical Intense Folk and Metal
45 Progressive Metal Exploration Fusion Complex Progressive Rock and Metal
46 Industrial Metal Revolution Fusion Dark Industrial and Metal
47 Gothic Metal Mystique Fusion Dark Gothic and Metal
48 Power Metal Heroics Fusion Energetic Power Metal
49 Doom Metal Depths Fusion Heavy Doom Metal
50 Death Metal Fury Fusion Intense Death Metal
51 Black Metal Abyss Fusion Cold Black Metal
52 Thrash Metal Adrenaline Fusion Aggressive Thrash Metal
53 Sludge Metal Grit Fusion Gritty Sludge Metal
54 Viking Metal Saga Fusion Epic Viking Metal
55 Metal Jazz Fusion Fusion Complex Jazz and Metal
56 Amapiano Vibes Merge Fusion Smooth Amapiano and African Rhythms
57 Igbo Melodic Blend Fusion Melodic Igbo and Afropop
58 Reggae-Afropop Fusion Fusion Laid-back Reggae and Afropop
59 Afro-Electronic Dance Fusion Dynamic Electronic and African
60 Highlife Afropop Fusion Fusion Joyous Highlife and Afropop
61 Soulful Afro-Swing Fusion Smooth Soul and Afro-Swing
62 Afro-Fusion Groove Fusion Harmonious Pan-African Afropop
63 Contemporary Afro-Beat Fusion Modern Afro-Beat
64 Afro-Jazz Smooth Blend Fusion Complex Jazz and Afropop
65 Urban Afro-Rhythms Fusion Authentic Urban and African Rhythms
66 Classical Meets Electronic Classical Intricate Indian Classical and Electronic
67 Jazz-Raga Fusion Classical Soulful Jazz and Indian Ragas
68 Bollywood Electro-Pop Classical Energetic Bollywood and Electro-Pop
69 Indie-Folk Melodies Indie Heartfelt Indian Folk and Indie
70 Rock and Ragas Classical Energetic Rock and Indian Ragas
71 Hip-Hop Beats with Indian Percussion Classical Rhythmic Hip-Hop and Indian Percussion
72 Ambient Sitar Escapes Classical Soothing Ambient and Indian Classical
73 Trance-Tabla Rhythms Classical Hypnotic Trance and Indian Percussion
74 Indian Folk-Blues Blend Classical Soulful Blues and Indian Folk
75 Carnatic Progressive Exploration Classical Complex Carnatic and Progressive Rock
76 Urban Nightscape Hip Hop Energetic Trap
77 Melodic Trap Wave Hip Hop Smooth Trap
78 Trap and Soul Fusion Hip Hop Soulful Trap
79 Ethnic Trap Exploration Hip Hop Cultural Trap
80 Chill Trap Dreams Hip Hop Relaxing Trap
81 Cyber Trap Adventure Hip Hop Futuristic Trap
82 Trap Jazz Crossover Hip Hop Improvisational Trap
83 Trap Pop Convergence Hip Hop Catchy Trap
84 Experimental Trap Hip Hop Unconventional Trap
85 Cinematic Trap Drama Hip Hop Dramatic Trap
86 Jazz-Infused Amapiano Groove Fusion Smooth Amapiano and Jazz
87 Soulful Amapiano Vibes Fusion Emotive Amapiano
88 Amapiano Meets Traditional African Rhythms Fusion Cultural Amapiano
89 Lounge-Style Amapiano Chill Fusion Relaxed Amapiano
90 Futuristic Amapiano Fusion Fusion Modern Amapiano
91 Amapiano and Afrobeat Fusion Fusion Energetic Amapiano and Afrobeat
92 Orchestral Amapiano Elegance Classical Elegant Amapiano and Orchestral
93 Latin-Amapiano Blend Fusion Vibrant Amapiano and Latin
94 Amapiano and Reggae Crossover Fusion Laid-back Amapiano and Reggae
95 Cinematic Amapiano Storytelling Fusion Storytelling Amapiano
96 Electronic Amapiano Fusion Fusion High-Energy Amapiano
97 Afro-Jazz Amapiano Blend Fusion Groovy Amapiano and Jazz
98 Chillhop Amapiano Mix Fusion Relaxed Amapiano and Chillhop
99 Amapiano and Blues Fusion Fusion Soulful Amapiano and Blues
100 Cosmic Future Bass Journey EDM Ethereal Future Bass
101 Melodic Future Bass Dreamscape EDM Uplifting Future Bass


These 100+ prompts are designed to spark your creativity and help you create viral music across a wide range of genres. Experiment with these ideas, blend different styles, and push the boundaries of your musical expression. Don't forget to share your creations and tag on social channels to showcase your work and connect with other music enthusiasts. Happy creating!