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Top 100 Unique Fruits Around the World

"A Journey Through Exotic and Rare Fruits"

Embark on a culinary adventure as we explore the world of unique and exotic fruits. From the jungles of Southeast Asia to the rainforests of South America, this list introduces you to fruits that are not only delicious but also offer a glimpse into the diverse agricultural practices and cultures around the globe.



  • Title: "Top 100 Unique Fruits Around the World"
  • Subtitle: "Discover the Rare and Exotic Flavors"
  • Tagline: "A Journey Through Exotic and Rare Fruits"
  • Description: "Explore the top 100 unique fruits from different parts of the world, highlighting their flavors, origins, and culinary uses."
  • Keywords: Fruits, Exotic, Rare, Culinary, Global...


# Top 100 Unique Fruits Around the World
- Subtitle: Discover the Rare and Exotic Flavors
- Tagline: A Journey Through Exotic and Rare Fruits
- Description: Explore the top 100 unique fruits from different parts of the world, highlighting their flavors, origins, and culinary uses.
- 5 Topics

## Topics
- Tropical Fruits: Mangosteen, Durian, Rambutan, Starfruit, Langsat...
- Berries: Acai, Goji, Cloudberry, Boysenberry, Elderberry...
- Citrus Fruits: Buddha's Hand, Yuzu, Calamansi, Bergamot, Finger Lime...
- Stone Fruits: Salak, Ceylon Gooseberry, Sapodilla, Mammee Apple, Hog Plum...
- Other Unique Fruits: Miracle Fruit, Ice Cream Bean, Chayote, African Horned Cucumber, Mangaba...

Tropical Fruits

"Delight in the Tropical Wonders"

Tropical fruits are often celebrated for their vibrant flavors and exotic appearances. They thrive in warm, humid climates and are staples in many tropical regions.

  1. Mangosteen: Known as the "queen of fruits" for its sweet and tangy flavor.
  2. Durian: Famous for its strong odor and creamy, custard-like texture.
  3. Rambutan: A hairy fruit with a sweet and juicy interior.
  4. Starfruit: Known for its star-shaped cross-section and tart flavor.
  5. Langsat: A small, round fruit with a tangy taste, similar to grapefruit.
  6. Papaya: A soft, orange fruit with a sweet taste and numerous health benefits.
  7. Dragon Fruit: Recognizable by its bright pink skin and speckled flesh.
  8. Guava: A common tropical fruit with a sweet, floral flavor.
  9. Soursop: A spiky fruit with a creamy texture and tangy taste.
  10. Jackfruit: The largest tree-borne fruit, known for its meat-like texture.
  11. Lychee: A small, round fruit with a sweet and fragrant flavor.
  12. Longan: Similar to lychee, but with a more subtle taste.
  13. Passion Fruit: A round, purple fruit with a sweet-tart flavor and seedy interior.
  14. Pineapple: A well-known tropical fruit with a juicy, sweet-tart flavor.
  15. Coconut: The versatile fruit known for its water, milk, and meat.
  16. Banana: A globally popular fruit known for its soft, sweet flesh.
  17. Mango: A juicy, sweet fruit with a rich, tropical flavor.
  18. Breadfruit: Starchy and versatile, often used in cooking.
  19. Acerola Cherry: A small, bright red fruit with a tart flavor and high vitamin C content.
  20. Carambola: Another name for starfruit, known for its distinctive shape.


"Bite-Sized Bursts of Flavor"

Berries are small, juicy fruits often packed with antioxidants and nutrients. They come in a variety of colors and flavors, each offering unique health benefits.

  1. Acai: A small, dark purple berry known for its high antioxidant content.
  2. Goji: Also known as wolfberries, these bright red berries are rich in nutrients.
  3. Cloudberry: A rare, golden berry with a tart and creamy taste.
  4. Boysenberry: A cross between several berries, known for its large size and sweet-tart flavor.
  5. Elderberry: Often used in syrups and medicinal remedies.
  6. Huckleberry: Small and round, with a sweet-tart flavor.
  7. Lingonberry: A small, red berry popular in Scandinavian cuisine.
  8. Mulberry: A sweet and slightly tart berry that comes in different colors.
  9. Sea Buckthorn: Bright orange berries known for their sour taste and health benefits.
  10. Barberry: Small, red berries with a tart flavor, often used in cooking.
  11. Chokeberry: Also known as aronia, these berries are very tart and rich in antioxidants.
  12. Cranberry: Tart berries often used in sauces and juices.
  13. Currant: Small berries that come in red, black, and white varieties.
  14. Gooseberry: A round, tart berry that comes in green, red, and yellow.
  15. Saskatoon Berry: Also known as serviceberries, they have a sweet, nutty flavor.
  16. Salmonberry: A bright orange-red berry with a mild flavor.
  17. Thimbleberry: Soft and tart, similar to raspberries.
  18. Whortleberry: Another name for bilberries, known for their blue color and sweet taste.
  19. Wintergreen Berry: Small, red berries with a minty flavor.
  20. Maqui Berry: A small, purple berry from Chile, known for its high antioxidant levels.

Citrus Fruits

"Zesty and Refreshing Citrus Delights"

Citrus fruits are known for their bright flavors and high vitamin C content. They are commonly used in cooking, beverages, and as fresh snacks.

  1. Buddha's Hand: A citron with finger-like segments, used for its zest.
  2. Yuzu: A Japanese citrus with a unique, tart flavor.
  3. Calamansi: A small, green citrus fruit popular in Filipino cuisine.
  4. Bergamot: Used to flavor Earl Grey tea, with a fragrant aroma.
  5. Finger Lime: Known as "caviar lime" for its bead-like juice vesicles.
  6. Kaffir Lime: Used in Thai cuisine for its aromatic leaves and zest.
  7. Kumquat: A small, oval fruit eaten whole, including the peel.
  8. Meyer Lemon: A sweeter and less acidic lemon variety.
  9. Seville Orange: Known for its use in marmalade.
  10. Blood Orange: A sweet and slightly tart orange with red flesh.
  11. Pomelo: The largest citrus fruit, with a sweet and mild flavor.
  12. Etrog: A citron used in Jewish religious rituals.
  13. Key Lime: Known for its use in Key lime pie.
  14. Mandarine: A sweet and easy-to-peel citrus fruit.
  15. Navel Orange: A popular variety of orange known for its seedless segments.
  16. Tangelos: A hybrid of tangerine and pomelo or grapefruit.
  17. Ugli Fruit: A hybrid citrus fruit with a rough, wrinkled skin.
  18. Valencia Orange: Commonly used for juice due to its sweet flavor.
  19. Satsuma: A seedless and easy-to-peel citrus fruit.
  20. Tangerine: A small and sweet citrus fruit, similar to mandarine.

Stone Fruits

"Sweet and Succulent Stone Fruits"

Stone fruits have a large, hard seed or "stone" inside. They are known for their juicy and sweet flesh, making them popular summer fruits.

  1. Salak: Also known as snake fruit, with a sweet and tangy flavor.
  2. Ceylon Gooseberry: A small, purple fruit with a tart taste.
  3. Sapodilla: A brown, sweet fruit with a grainy texture.
  4. Mammee Apple: A large, tropical fruit with a sweet and tart flavor.
  5. Hog Plum: Known for its tart flavor and crunchy texture.
  6. Peaches: Juicy and sweet, with a soft and fuzzy skin.
  7. Plums: Juicy fruits that come in various colors and flavors.
  8. Apricots: Small, orange fruits with a sweet and slightly tart taste.
  9. Cherries: Sweet or tart, with a juicy and succulent flesh.
  10. Nectarines: Similar to peaches but with a smooth skin.
  11. Lychee: A sweet and fragrant fruit with a juicy flesh.
  12. Mango: Juicy and sweet, with a tropical flavor.
  13. Olive: Known for its oil, but also enjoyed as a fruit.
  14. Black Sapote: Also known as "chocolate pudding fruit."
  15. Longan: Similar to lychee, with a more subtle flavor.
  16. Jujube: Also known as Chinese date, sweet and chewy when dried.
  17. Quince: Often used in jams and jellies due to its tartness.
  18. Soursop: A spiky fruit with a creamy texture and tangy taste.
  19. Durian: Famous for its strong odor and creamy, custard-like texture.
  20. Mangaba: A small, tropical fruit with a sweet and tart flavor.

Other Unique Fruits

"Discover the World of Rare and Unique Fruits"

This category includes fruits that don't fit into the previous categories but are unique and fascinating in their own right.

  1. Miracle Fruit: Known for its ability to make sour foods taste sweet.
  2. Ice Cream Bean: A long pod with sweet, cotton candy-like flesh.
  3. Chayote: A green, pear-shaped fruit often used in cooking.
  4. African Horned Cucumber: Also known as kiwano, with a jelly-like interior.
  5. Mangaba: A small, tropical fruit with a sweet and tart flavor.
  6. Cherimoya: Creamy and sweet, often described as a blend of banana, pineapple, and strawberry.
  7. Feijoa: Also known as pineapple guava, with a sweet and tart flavor.
  8. Jabuticaba: A grape-like fruit that grows directly on the trunk of the tree.
  9. Noni: Known for its strong odor and medicinal properties.
  10. Pepino: A small, melon-like fruit with a sweet flavor.
  11. Santol: A tropical fruit with a sweet and sour taste.
  12. Tamarillo: Also known as tree tomato, with a tangy flavor.
  13. White Mulberry: Sweet berries that can be eaten fresh or dried.
  14. Physalis: Also known as ground cherry, with a sweet and tart flavor.
  15. Pitanga: Also known as Surinam cherry, with a sweet and tart flavor.
  16. Rollinia: A spiky fruit with a custard-like texture.
  17. Star Apple: Known for its star-shaped cross-section and sweet flavor.
  18. Black Currant: Small, dark berries with a strong flavor.
  19. Breadfruit: Starchy and versatile, often used in cooking.
  20. Tamarind: A pod-like fruit with a tangy and sweet pulp.

Top 100 List

  1. Mangosteen (Tropical Fruits)
  2. Acai (Berries)
  3. Buddha's Hand (Citrus Fruits)
  4. Salak (Stone Fruits)
  5. Miracle Fruit (Other Unique Fruits)
  6. Durian (Tropical Fruits)
  7. Goji (Berries)
  8. Yuzu (Citrus Fruits)
  9. Ceylon Gooseberry (Stone Fruits)
  10. Ice Cream Bean (Other Unique Fruits)
  11. Rambutan (Tropical Fruits)
  12. Cloudberry (Berries)
  13. Calamansi (Citrus Fruits)
  14. Sapodilla (Stone Fruits)
  15. Chayote (Other Unique Fruits)
  16. Starfruit (Tropical Fruits)
  17. Boysenberry (Berries)
  18. Bergamot (Citrus Fruits)
  19. Mammee Apple (Stone Fruits)
  20. African Horned Cucumber (Other Unique Fruits)
  21. Langsat (Tropical Fruits)
  22. Elderberry (Berries)
  23. Finger Lime (Citrus Fruits)
  24. Hog Plum (Stone Fruits)
  25. Mangaba (Other Unique Fruits)
  26. Papaya (Tropical Fruits)
  27. Huckleberry (Berries)
  28. Kaffir Lime (Citrus Fruits)
  29. Peaches (Stone Fruits)
  30. Cherimoya (Other Unique Fruits)
  31. Dragon Fruit (Tropical Fruits)
  32. Lingonberry (Berries)
  33. Kumquat (Citrus Fruits)
  34. Plums (Stone Fruits)
  35. Feijoa (Other Unique Fruits)
  36. Guava (Tropical Fruits)
  37. Mulberry (Berries)
  38. Meyer Lemon (Citrus Fruits)
  39. Apricots (Stone Fruits)
  40. Jabuticaba (Other Unique Fruits)
  41. Soursop (Tropical Fruits)
  42. Sea Buckthorn (Berries)
  43. Seville Orange (Citrus Fruits)
  44. Cherries (Stone Fruits)
  45. Noni (Other Unique Fruits)
  46. Jackfruit (Tropical Fruits)
  47. Barberry (Berries)
  48. Blood Orange (Citrus Fruits)
  49. Nectarines (Stone Fruits)
  50. Pepino (Other Unique Fruits)
  51. Lychee (Tropical Fruits)
  52. Chokeberry (Berries)
  53. Pomelo (Citrus Fruits)
  54. Lychee (Stone Fruits)
  55. Santol (Other Unique Fruits)
  56. Longan (Tropical Fruits)
  57. Cranberry (Berries)
  58. Etrog (Citrus Fruits)
  59. Mango (Stone Fruits)
  60. Tamarillo (Other Unique Fruits)
  61. Passion Fruit (Tropical Fruits)
  62. Currant (Berries)
  63. Key Lime (Citrus Fruits)
  64. Olive (Stone Fruits)
  65. White Mulberry (Other Unique Fruits)
  66. Pineapple (Tropical Fruits)
  67. Gooseberry (Berries)
  68. Mandarine (Citrus Fruits)
  69. Black Sapote (Stone Fruits)
  70. Physalis (Other Unique Fruits)
  71. Coconut (Tropical Fruits)
  72. Saskatoon Berry (Berries)
  73. Navel Orange (Citrus Fruits)
  74. Longan (Stone Fruits)
  75. Pitanga (Other Unique Fruits)
  76. Banana (Tropical Fruits)
  77. Salmonberry (Berries)
  78. Tangelos (Citrus Fruits)
  79. Jujube (Stone Fruits)
  80. Rollinia (Other Unique Fruits)
  81. Mango (Tropical Fruits)
  82. Thimbleberry (Berries)
  83. Ugli Fruit (Citrus Fruits)
  84. Quince (Stone Fruits)
  85. Star Apple (Other Unique Fruits)
  86. Breadfruit (Tropical Fruits)
  87. Whortleberry (Berries)
  88. Valencia Orange (Citrus Fruits)
  89. Soursop (Stone Fruits)
  90. Black Currant (Other Unique Fruits)
  91. Acerola Cherry (Tropical Fruits)
  92. Wintergreen Berry (Berries)
  93. Satsuma (Citrus Fruits)
  94. Durian (Stone Fruits)
  95. Breadfruit (Other Unique Fruits)
  96. Carambola (Tropical Fruits)
  97. Maqui Berry (Berries)
  98. Tangerine (Citrus Fruits)
  99. Mangaba (Stone Fruits)
  100. Tamarind (Other Unique Fruits)

Top 100 Table

Rank Name Topic Tagline
1 Mangosteen Tropical Fruits "Known as the 'queen of fruits'"
2 Acai Berries "High antioxidant content"
3 Buddha's Hand Citrus Fruits "Finger-like segments"
4 Salak Stone Fruits "Also known as snake fruit"
5 Miracle Fruit Other Unique Fruits "Makes sour foods taste sweet"
6 Durian Tropical Fruits "Strong odor, creamy texture"
7 Goji Berries "Rich in nutrients"
8 Yuzu Citrus Fruits "Unique, tart flavor"
9 Ceylon Gooseberry Stone Fruits "Tart taste"
10 Ice Cream Bean Other Unique Fruits "Sweet, cotton candy-like flesh"
11 Rambutan Tropical Fruits "Hairy fruit, sweet interior"
12 Cloudberry Berries "Tart and creamy taste"
13 Calamansi Citrus Fruits "Popular in Filipino cuisine"
14 Sapodilla Stone Fruits "Sweet fruit, grainy texture"
15 Chayote Other Unique Fruits "Often used in cooking"
16 Starfruit Tropical Fruits "Star-shaped cross-section"
17 Boysenberry Berries "Sweet-tart flavor"
18 Bergamot Citrus Fruits "Fragrant aroma"
19 Mammee Apple Stone Fruits "Sweet and tart flavor"
20 African Horned Cucumber Other Unique Fruits "Jelly-like interior"
21 Langsat Tropical Fruits "Tangy taste"
22 Elderberry Berries "Used in medicinal remedies"
23 Finger Lime Citrus Fruits "Bead-like juice vesicles"
24 Hog Plum Stone Fruits "Tart flavor, crunchy texture"
25 Mangaba Other Unique Fruits "Sweet and tart flavor"
26 Papaya Tropical Fruits "Numerous health benefits"
27 Huckleberry Berries "Sweet-tart flavor"
28 Kaffir Lime Citrus Fruits "Aromatic leaves and zest"
29 Peaches Stone Fruits "Juicy and sweet"
30 Cherimoya Other Unique Fruits "Blend of banana, pineapple, and strawberry"
31 Dragon Fruit Tropical Fruits "Bright pink skin, speckled flesh"
32 Lingonberry Berries "Popular in Scandinavian cuisine"
33 Kumquat Citrus Fruits "Eaten whole, including peel"
34 Plums Stone Fruits "Various colors and flavors"
35 Feijoa Other Unique Fruits "Sweet and tart flavor"
36 Guava Tropical Fruits "Sweet, floral flavor"
37 Mulberry Berries "Sweet and slightly tart"
38 Meyer Lemon Citrus Fruits "Sweeter and less acidic"
39 Apricots Stone Fruits "Sweet and slightly tart"
40 Jabuticaba Other Unique Fruits "Grows on the trunk of the tree"
41 Soursop Tropical Fruits "Creamy texture, tangy taste"
42 Sea Buckthorn Berries "Bright orange, sour taste"
43 Seville Orange Citrus Fruits "Used in marmalade"
44 Cherries Stone Fruits "Sweet or tart, juicy flesh"
45 Noni Other Unique Fruits "Strong odor, medicinal properties"
46 Jackfruit Tropical Fruits "Meat-like texture"
47 Barberry Berries "Tart flavor, used in cooking"
48 Blood Orange Citrus Fruits "Red flesh, sweet-tart flavor"
49 Nectarines Stone Fruits "Smooth skin, sweet flavor"
50 Pepino Other Unique Fruits "Melon-like, sweet flavor"
51 Lychee Tropical Fruits "Sweet and fragrant"
52 Chokeberry Berries "Very tart, rich in antioxidants"
53 Pomelo Citrus Fruits "Sweet and mild flavor"
54 Lychee Stone Fruits "Juicy, fragrant flavor"
55 Santol Other Unique Fruits "Sweet and sour taste"
56 Longan Tropical Fruits "Subtle flavor, similar to lychee"
57 Cranberry Berries "Tart, used in sauces and juices"
58 Etrog Citrus Fruits "Used in Jewish rituals"
59 Mango Stone Fruits "Juicy, sweet tropical flavor"
60 Tamarillo Other Unique Fruits "Tangy flavor, tree tomato"
61 Passion Fruit Tropical Fruits "Sweet-tart, seedy interior"
62 Currant Berries "Small, comes in red, black, and white"
63 Key Lime Citrus Fruits "Used in Key lime pie"
64 Olive Stone Fruits "Known for its oil, also a fruit"
65 White Mulberry Other Unique Fruits "Eaten fresh or dried"
66 Pineapple Tropical Fruits "Juicy, sweet-tart flavor"
67 Gooseberry Berries "Tart, comes in green, red, and yellow"
68 Mandarine Citrus Fruits "Sweet, easy-to-peel"
69 Black Sapote Stone Fruits "Chocolate pudding fruit"
70 Physalis Other Unique Fruits "Ground cherry, sweet and tart"
71 Coconut Tropical Fruits "Water, milk, and meat"
72 Saskatoon Berry Berries "Sweet, nutty flavor"
73 Navel Orange Citrus Fruits "Seedless segments"
74 Longan Stone Fruits "Subtle flavor, similar to lychee"
75 Pitanga Other Unique Fruits "Surinam cherry, sweet and tart"
76 Banana Tropical Fruits "Soft, sweet flesh"
77 Salmonberry Berries "Mild flavor, bright orange-red"
78 Tangelos Citrus Fruits "Hybrid of tangerine and pomelo"
79 Jujube Stone Fruits "Chinese date, sweet when dried"
80 Rollinia Other Unique Fruits "Custard-like texture"
81 Mango Tropical Fruits "Juicy, sweet tropical flavor"
82 Thimbleberry Berries "Soft and tart, similar to raspberries"
83 Ugli Fruit Citrus Fruits "Hybrid citrus with rough skin"
84 Quince Stone Fruits "Tart, often used in jams"
85 Star Apple Other Unique Fruits "Star-shaped cross-section"
86 Breadfruit Tropical Fruits "Starchy, used in cooking"
87 Whortleberry Berries "Also known as bilberries"
88 Valencia Orange Citrus Fruits "Sweet, used for juice"
89 Soursop Stone Fruits "Creamy texture, tangy taste"
90 Black Currant Other Unique Fruits "Small, dark berries"
91 Acerola Cherry Tropical Fruits "High vitamin C content"
92 Wintergreen Berry Berries "Minty flavor"
93 Satsuma Citrus Fruits "Seedless, easy-to-peel"
94 Durian Stone Fruits "Strong odor, creamy texture"
95 Breadfruit Other Unique Fruits "Starchy, used in cooking"
96 Carambola Tropical Fruits "Star-shaped cross-section"
97 Maqui Berry Berries "High antioxidant levels"
98 Tangerine Citrus Fruits "Sweet, similar to mandarine"
99 Mangaba Stone Fruits "Sweet and tart flavor"
100 Tamarind Other Unique Fruits "Tangy and sweet pulp"


This list showcases the incredible diversity of fruits found around the world. From tropical delights to rare and unique finds, each fruit offers its own distinct flavor and culinary potential. Whether you're a foodie, a health enthusiast, or simply curious about global agriculture, exploring these fruits can be a delicious and enlightening experience.