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Top 100 Cannabis Strains

"Discover the best strains for all your needs"

Cannabis strains come in a variety of flavors, effects, and uses. Whether you're looking for something to relax, energize, or provide medicinal benefits, there's a strain for you. This list covers the top 100 cannabis strains, providing an overview of their unique characteristics, origins, and best uses.



  • Title: "Top 100 Cannabis Strains"
  • Subtitle: "Exploring the Finest Cannabis Strains"
  • Tagline: "Discover the best strains for all your needs"
  • Description: "An extensive list of the top 100 cannabis strains, detailing their effects, flavors, and ideal uses."
  • Keywords: Cannabis, Strains, Marijuana, Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, THC, CBD, Terpenes, Medicinal


# Top 100 Cannabis Strains
- Exploring the Finest Cannabis Strains
- Discover the best strains for all your needs
- An extensive list of the top 100 cannabis strains, detailing their effects, flavors, and ideal uses.
- 5 Topics

## Topics
- Sativa Strains: Energizing, Uplifting, Creative, Focus, Daytime Use
- Indica Strains: Relaxing, Sedative, Pain Relief, Sleep Aid, Nighttime Use
- Hybrid Strains: Balanced, Versatile, Both Sativa and Indica Effects, Anytime Use, Symptom Relief
- High-THC Strains: Potent, Psychoactive, Euphoric, Recreational, Experienced Users
- High-CBD Strains: Medicinal, Non-Psychoactive, Pain Relief, Anxiety, Anti-Inflammatory

Sativa Strains

"Energizing and uplifting strains for daytime use"

Sativa strains are known for their uplifting and energizing effects, making them ideal for daytime use. These strains can enhance creativity, focus, and sociability.

  1. Durban Poison
  2. Green Crack
  3. Sour Diesel
  4. Jack Herer
  5. Super Silver Haze
  6. Strawberry Cough
  7. Amnesia Haze
  8. Lemon Haze
  9. Maui Wowie
  10. Chocolope
  11. Blue Dream
  12. Trainwreck
  13. Alaskan Thunderfuck
  14. Pineapple Express
  15. Tangie
  16. Bruce Banner
  17. Chernobyl
  18. Jillybean
  19. Cinex
  20. Kali Mist

Indica Strains

"Relaxing and sedative strains for nighttime use"

Indica strains are known for their relaxing and sedative effects, making them ideal for nighttime use. These strains are great for pain relief, sleep aid, and stress reduction.

  1. Granddaddy Purple
  2. Northern Lights
  3. Bubba Kush
  4. Blueberry
  5. Purple Kush
  6. G13
  7. Afghan Kush
  8. God’s Gift
  9. Ice Cream Cake
  10. Death Star
  11. Hindu Kush
  12. LA Confidential
  13. Skywalker OG
  14. 9 Pound Hammer
  15. Tahoe OG
  16. Master Kush
  17. Critical Kush
  18. Mendo Breath
  19. MK Ultra
  20. Big Bud

Hybrid Strains

"Balanced strains for versatile use"

Hybrid strains offer a balance of both sativa and indica effects, making them versatile for use at any time of day. These strains can provide symptom relief without being overly sedative or stimulating.

  1. Girl Scout Cookies
  2. OG Kush
  3. Gorilla Glue #4
  4. Blue Dream
  5. White Widow
  6. Pineapple Express
  7. AK-47
  8. Sour OG
  9. Chemdawg
  10. Blueberry Diesel
  11. Headband
  12. Super Lemon Haze
  13. Bruce Banner
  14. Cherry Pie
  15. Black Widow
  16. Strawberry Banana
  17. Golden Goat
  18. Ghost Train Haze
  19. Clementine
  20. Zkittlez

High-THC Strains

"Potent strains for experienced users"

High-THC strains are known for their potent psychoactive effects, making them popular among experienced users. These strains can provide euphoric and intense experiences.

  1. Godfather OG
  2. Bruce Banner
  3. Girl Scout Cookies
  4. Gorilla Glue #4
  5. Wedding Cake
  6. Banana Kush
  7. Death Star
  8. Kosher Kush
  9. Amnesia Haze
  10. Strawberry Cough
  11. Chiquita Banana
  12. Ghost OG
  13. Original Glue
  14. Lemon Haze
  15. Durban Poison
  16. Chemdawg
  17. White Fire OG
  18. Trainwreck
  19. Sour Diesel
  20. Jack Herer

High-CBD Strains

"Medicinal strains for therapeutic benefits"

High-CBD strains are valued for their medicinal properties and non-psychoactive effects. These strains can help with pain relief, anxiety, and inflammation without producing a high.

  1. Charlotte’s Web
  2. ACDC
  3. Harlequin
  4. Cannatonic
  5. Ringo’s Gift
  6. Sour Tsunami
  7. Pennywise
  8. Stephen Hawking Kush
  9. Harle-Tsu
  10. Remedy
  11. Sweet and Sour Widow
  12. Canna-Tsu
  13. Valentine X
  14. Dancehall
  15. CBD Critical Cure
  16. Purple Swiss
  17. Z7
  18. Warlock
  19. Perla
  20. Swiss Gold

Top 100 List

  1. Durban Poison (Sativa)
  2. Granddaddy Purple (Indica)
  3. Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid)
  4. Godfather OG (High-THC)
  5. Charlotte’s Web (High-CBD)
  6. Green Crack (Sativa)
  7. Northern Lights (Indica)
  8. OG Kush (Hybrid)
  9. Bruce Banner (High-THC)
  10. ACDC (High-CBD)
  11. Sour Diesel (Sativa)
  12. Bubba Kush (Indica)
  13. Gorilla Glue #4 (Hybrid)
  14. Girl Scout Cookies (High-THC)
  15. Harlequin (High-CBD)
  16. Jack Herer (Sativa)
  17. Blueberry (Indica)
  18. Blue Dream (Hybrid)
  19. Gorilla Glue #4 (High-THC)
  20. Cannatonic (High-CBD)
  21. Super Silver Haze (Sativa)
  22. Purple Kush (Indica)
  23. White Widow (Hybrid)
  24. Wedding Cake (High-THC)
  25. Ringo’s Gift (High-CBD)
  26. Strawberry Cough (Sativa)
  27. G13 (Indica)
  28. Pineapple Express (Hybrid)
  29. Banana Kush (High-THC)
  30. Sour Tsunami (High-CBD)
  31. Amnesia Haze (Sativa)
  32. Afghan Kush (Indica)
  33. AK-47 (Hybrid)
  34. Death Star (High-THC)
  35. Pennywise (High-CBD)
  36. Lemon Haze (Sativa)
  37. God’s Gift (Indica)
  38. Sour OG (Hybrid)
  39. Kosher Kush (High-THC)
  40. Stephen Hawking Kush (High-CBD)
  41. Maui Wowie (Sativa)
  42. Ice Cream Cake (Indica)
  43. Chemdawg (Hybrid)
  44. Amnesia Haze (High-THC)
  45. Harle-Tsu (High-CBD)
  46. Chocolope (Sativa)
  47. Death Star (Indica)
  48. Blueberry Diesel (Hybrid)
  49. Strawberry Cough (High-THC)
  50. Remedy (High-CBD)
  51. Blue Dream (Sativa)
  52. Hindu Kush (Indica)
  53. Headband (Hybrid)
  54. Chiquita Banana (High-THC)
  55. Sweet and Sour Widow (High-CBD)
  56. Trainwreck (Sativa)
  57. LA Confidential (Indica)
  58. Super Lemon Haze (Hybrid)
  59. Ghost OG (High-THC)
  60. Canna-Tsu (High-CBD)
  61. Alaskan Thunderfuck (Sativa)
  62. Skywalker OG (Indica)
  63. Bruce Banner (Hybrid)
  64. Original Glue (High-THC)
  65. Valentine X (High-CBD)
  66. Pineapple Express (Sativa)
  67. 9 Pound Hammer (Indica)
  68. Cherry Pie (Hybrid)
  69. Lemon Haze (High-THC)
  70. Dancehall (High-CBD)
  71. Tangie (Sativa)
  72. Tahoe OG (Indica)
  73. Black Widow (Hybrid)
  74. Durban Poison (High-THC)
  75. CBD Critical Cure (High-CBD)
  76. Bruce Banner (Sativa)
  77. Master Kush (Indica)
  78. Strawberry Banana (Hybrid)
  79. Chemdawg (High-THC)
  80. Purple Swiss (High-CBD)
  81. Chernobyl (Sativa)
  82. Critical Kush (Indica)
  83. Golden Goat (Hybrid)
  84. White Fire OG (High-THC)
  85. Z7 (High-CBD)
  86. Jillybean (Sativa)
  87. Mendo Breath (Indica)
  88. Ghost Train Haze (Hybrid)
  89. Trainwreck (High-THC)
  90. Warlock (High-CBD)
  91. Cinex (Sativa)
  92. MK Ultra (Indica)
  93. Clementine (Hybrid)
  94. Sour Diesel (High-THC)
  95. Perla (High-CBD)
  96. Kali Mist (Sativa)
  97. Big Bud (Indica)
  98. Zkittlez (Hybrid)
  99. Jack Herer (High-THC)
  100. Swiss Gold (High-CBD)

Top 100 Table

Rank Name Topic Tagline
1 Durban Poison Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
2 Granddaddy Purple Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
3 Girl Scout Cookies Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
4 Godfather OG High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
5 Charlotte’s Web High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
6 Green Crack Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
7 Northern Lights Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
8 OG Kush Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
9 Bruce Banner High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
10 ACDC High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
11 Sour Diesel Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
12 Bubba Kush Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
13 Gorilla Glue #4 Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
14 Girl Scout Cookies High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
15 Harlequin High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
16 Jack Herer Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
17 Blueberry Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
18 Blue Dream Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
19 Gorilla Glue #4 High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
20 Cannatonic High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
21 Super Silver Haze Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
22 Purple Kush Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
23 White Widow Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
24 Wedding Cake High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
25 Ringo’s Gift High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
26 Strawberry Cough Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
27 G13 Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
28 Pineapple Express Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
29 Banana Kush High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
30 Sour Tsunami High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
31 Amnesia Haze Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
32 Afghan Kush Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
33 AK-47 Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
34 Death Star High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
35 Pennywise High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
36 Lemon Haze Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
37 God’s Gift Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
38 Sour OG Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
39 Kosher Kush High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
40 Stephen Hawking Kush High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
41 Maui Wowie Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
42 Ice Cream Cake Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
43 Chemdawg Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
44 Amnesia Haze High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
45 Harle-Tsu High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
46 Chocolope Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
47 Death Star Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
48 Blueberry Diesel Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
49 Strawberry Cough High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
50 Remedy High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
51 Blue Dream Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
52 Hindu Kush Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
53 Headband Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
54 Chiquita Banana High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
55 Sweet and Sour Widow High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
56 Trainwreck Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
57 LA Confidential Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
58 Super Lemon Haze Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
59 Ghost OG High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
60 Canna-Tsu High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
61 Alaskan Thunderfuck Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
62 Skywalker OG Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
63 Bruce Banner Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
64 Original Glue High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
65 Valentine X High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
66 Pineapple Express Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
67 9 Pound Hammer Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
68 Cherry Pie Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
69 Lemon Haze High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
70 Dancehall High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
71 Tangie Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
72 Tahoe OG Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
73 Black Widow Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
74 Durban Poison High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
75 CBD Critical Cure High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
76 Bruce Banner Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
77 Master Kush Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
78 Strawberry Banana Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
79 Chemdawg High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
80 Purple Swiss High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
81 Chernobyl Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
82 Critical Kush Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
83 Golden Goat Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
84 White Fire OG High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
85 Z7 High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
86 Jillybean Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
87 Mendo Breath Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
88 Ghost Train Haze Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
89 Trainwreck High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
90 Warlock High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
91 Cinex Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
92 MK Ultra Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
93 Clementine Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
94 Sour Diesel High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
95 Perla High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"
96 Kali Mist Sativa "Energizing and uplifting"
97 Big Bud Indica "Relaxing and sedative"
98 Zkittlez Hybrid "Balanced and versatile"
99 Jack Herer High-THC "Potent and euphoric"
100 Swiss Gold High-CBD "Medicinal and non-psychoactive"


This list of the top 100 cannabis strains covers a wide range of effects and uses, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Whether you're seeking relaxation, creativity, medicinal benefits, or a potent high, these strains provide the best of what cannabis has to offer.