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City of God or Cidade de Deus is a Brazilian crime film directed by Fernando Meirelles based on real events. It depicts the growth of organized crime in the Cidade de Deus suburb, a favelas of Rio de Janeiro, between the end of the ’60s and the beginning of the ’80s.

Movie Synopsis:

In the city of Cochin a series of incidents connects the lives of a Tamil laborer couple, an actress, a builder, a criminal, and the wife of a businessman.

Movie details:

  • Original Title: സിറ്റി ഓഫ് ഗോഡ്
  • Original Language: ml
  • Studio: Miramax
  • Director: Fernando Meirelles
  • Actors: Leandro Firmino Da Hora
  • Genre: Drama
  • Running Time: 124
  • Release Date: 2011-04-27
  • Vote Average: 7.3
  • Popularity: 1.922386
  • Genre: Drama
  • Type: Amazon Video
  • ASIN: B00FYO045S
  • Product Group: Movie
  • Running Time: 124

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