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NA✔︎ Wiki map lets you see Wikipedia articles around your point of Interest. ✔︎ You can get distances from search points as well as from your current Location. ✔︎ All the searched results shown as list sorted by distance. ✔︎ You can checkout the articles in your local language (depends on availability) ✔︎ All the articles location can view on Map. ✔︎ Interested articles can be bookmarked and read them later ✔︎ You can get driving directions from your current locations to interested Wikipedia location. ✔︎ Also you can view the route map on Google map with GPS facility.

App details:

  • Original Title: Wikimap for Kindle Fire
  • Type: App
  • Brand: WizGenX Technologies
  • Hardware Platform: Android
  • Product Type: Mobile Application
  • Product Category: City Info
  • Label: WizGenX Technologies
  • Manufacturer: WizGenX Technologies
  • MPM: elvin.wikimaptab
  • OS: Android
  • Product Group: Mobile Application
  • Publisher: WizGenX Technologies
  • Relaase date: 2014-01-19
  • Studio: WizGenX Technologies
  • Sequence: 25414013
  • Price: £0.60