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Tokyo Story is a Japanese film directed by Yasujiro Ozu and often regarded as his masterpiece.  The film is about an aging couple who travel to Tokyo to visit their grown children, but find their children are too absorbed in their own lives to spend much time with their parents. 

Movie Synopsis:

An old couple visit their children and grandchildren in the city, but the children have little time for them.

Movie details:

  • Original Title: 東京物語
  • Original Language: ja
  • Studio: Shochiku Co. Ltd.
  • Director: Yasujiro Ozu
  • Actors: Setsuko Hara
  • Genre: Drama
  • Running Time: 135
  • Release Date: 1953-11-03
  • Vote Average: 8.2
  • Popularity: 12.156273
  • Genre: Drama
  • Type: Amazon Video
  • ASIN: B076CXS8DZ
  • Product Group: Movie
  • Running Time: 135

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