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The Three Colours Trilogy is the collective title of three films Bleu, White and Red directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. Two films were made in French and one primarily in Polish. The films were Kieslowski’s first major successes outside of Poland and are his most acclaimed works after The Decalogue.

Movie Synopsis:

Polish immigrant Karol Karol finds himself out of a marriage, a job and a country when his French wife, Dominique, divorces him after six months due to his impotence. Forced to leave France after losing the business they jointly owned, Karol enlists fellow Polish expatriate Mikolah to smuggle him back to their homeland.

Movie details:

  • Original Title: Trois couleurs : Blanc
  • Original Language: fr
  • Studio: Teeter Taught Animation
  • Director: NA
  • Actors: Rowen Wilcko
  • Genre: Children’s Video
  • Running Time: 1
  • Release Date: 1994-01-26
  • Vote Average: 7.3
  • Popularity: 7.114295
  • Genre: Children’s Video
  • Type: Amazon Video
  • ASIN: B06XWN9DP9
  • Product Group: Movie
  • Running Time: 1

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