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Marginalized in the larger society and the mainstream women’s movement, immigrant women are also outsiders in women’s shelters, where racially sensitive and linguistically appropriate counselling is generally unavailable. In this book, Vijay Agnew documents the struggles of Canadian women’s centres to provide better services to victims of wife abuse from Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. The study looks at every aspect of community-based women’s organizations, including their funding, operation, and services. The result is a detailed picture of the problems and challenges they encounter on a daily basis. Agnew uses case studies, reports, and interviews to document the work of these groups and to show how race, class, and gender intersect in the everyday lives of the women who depend on them. Although the women’s movement initiated public discussion of wife abuse, the fight against abuse is now conducted primarily by the state through its allocation of resources. Agnew underscores the tension that often arises between the patriarchal state and feminist-inspired organizations, and the resulting difficulties in bringing about social change.

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