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NAthe full address of the property such as street, postcode, locality (if available), town, district and county. the price paid for the property the date of transfer the property type (Detached, Semi, Terraced or Flat/Maisonette) whether the property is new build or not

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  • Original Title: Sold House Prices Land Registry UK
  • Type: App
  • Brand: Digitech (Webdigi)
  • Hardware Platform: Android
  • Product Type: Mobile Application
  • Product Category: City Info
  • Label: Digitech (Webdigi)
  • Manufacturer: Digitech (Webdigi)
  • MPM: uk.co.webdigi.soldprices
  • OS: Android
  • Product Group: Mobile Application
  • Publisher: Digitech (Webdigi)
  • Relaase date: 2015-08-12
  • Studio:¬†Digitech (Webdigi)
  • Sequence: 25467512
  • Price: ¬£0.99