Versailles: France most iconic Palace

Château de Versailles or simply Versailles is perhaps the France’s most iconic Palace.  It is located some 20 kilometres southwest of the French capital, in a once country village, now a city suburb. The court of Versailles was the centre of political power in France from 1682, when Louis XIV moved from Paris, until the royal family was forced to return to the capital in October 1789 after the beginning of the French Revolution. Versailles is therefore famous not only as a building, but as a symbol of the system of absolute monarchy of the Ancient Régime.

Versailles - Top 100 World's Wonders

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Florence Cityscape

Florence Cityscape: one of the most beautiful cities in the world

Florence is often ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with its numerous museums and art galleries, such as the Uffizi Gallery and the Pitti Palace.  It is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany within the province of Florence. It is famous for its history, once being at the heart of medieval European trade and finance and one of the wealthiest cities of the time.  It is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance, and has been called the Athens of the middle Ages.  It is today a major tourist and hub part of UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its vast artistic and architectural heritage, and its remaining influence in the fields of art, culture, fashion and politics

Florence Cityscape - Top 100 World's Wonders

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Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock: one of Australia’s most important natural landmarks

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is an incredibly large sandstone rock formation, listed as a World Heritage Site. It is located within the southern part of the Northern Territory in the heart of Australia.  It is a pretty remote destination, lying 335 km (208 mi) of Alice Springs,  the nearest large town.  It is a sacred place for the Aboriginal people of the area.  It is part of a National Park, home to a variety of springs, waterholes, rock caves and ancient paintings.

Ayers Rock - Top 100 World's Wonders

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Teotihuacan: one of the largest cities in the pre-Columbian Americas

Teotihuacan is an enormous archaeological site, established around 100 BC, and perhaps the largest city in the pre-Columbian Americas.  It was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987 and is today the most visited archaeological site in Mexico.  It is located in the Basin of Mexico some 30 miles (48 km) northeast of Mexico City, and contains some of the largest pyramidal structures built in the pre-Columbian Americas. Apart from the pyramidal structures, Teotihuacan is also known for its large residential complexes, the Avenue of the Dead, and numerous colourful, well-preserved murals.

Teotihuacan - Top 100 World's Wonders

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Carlsbad Caverns

Carlsbad Caverns: home to one of the world’s largest natural limestone chamber

Carlsbad Caverns is a beautiful National Park located within the Guadalupe Mountains in the US south-eastern New Mexico state.  Its cavern is the park’s primary tourist attraction, which can be entered via the natural entrance, or take the elevator directly to the Underground Lunchroom some 750 feet (230 m) below.  It includes one of the world’s largest natural limestone chamber, known as the Big Room, which is almost 4,000 feet (1,220 m) long, 625 feet (191 m) wide, and 255 feet (78 m) high at the highest point.

Carlsbad Caverns - Top 100 World's Wonders

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Kremlin: one of Russia’s most iconic monuments

The Moscow Kremlin, simply referred to as the Kremlin, is a historic fortified complex at the heart of Moscow, which serves as the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation.  It overlooks some of the capital most famous sights including the Moskva River, Saint Basil’s Cathedral and the Red Square.  It is the best known of all the Russian citadels, composed of four palaces, four cathedrals and the enclosing Kremlin Wall with Kremlin towers.

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Hermitage Museum

Hermitage Museum: one of Russia’s most famous museums

The State Hermitage is one of Russia’s most famous museums, as well as being one of the world’s oldest and largest.  It is located Saint Petersburg and was founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great and has been open to the public since 1852. Its collections, of which only a small part is on permanent display, comprise nearly 3 million items, making it the largest collection of paintings in the world. The collections occupy a large complex of six historic buildings along Palace Embankment, including the Menshikov Palace, the Museum of Porcelain and the Winter Palace, a former residence of Russian emperors.

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Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces: the most amazing natural wonder in the Philippines

The Banaue Rice Terraces, also known as Payo, are 2000-year old terraces that were carved into the mountains of Ifugao in the Philippines by ancestors of the indigenous people. The Rice Terraces are commonly referred to by Filipinos as the "Eighth Wonder of the World", as it is commonly thought that those terraces were built with minimal equipment, largely by hand. The terraces are located approximately 1500 meters (5000 ft) above sea level and cover 10,360 square kilometres (about 4000 square miles) of mountainside, and said that if the steps are put end to end it would encircle half the globe.  They are fed by an ancient irrigation system from the rainforests above the terraces.

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Mecca one of the world’s most important religious sites

Mecca is one of the world’s most important religious sites.  It is located 73 km (45 mi) inland from Jeddah in a narrow valley at a height of 277 m (909 ft) above sea level, within the Makkah province in Saudi Arabia.  It is best known as the birthplace of Muhammad, a site of the composition of the Quran, as well as an essential pilgrimage site for Muslims known as the Hajj.  Today, more than 13 million Muslims visit Mecca annually, including several million during the few days of the Hajj.  As a result, Mecca has become one of the most cosmopolitan and diverse cities in the Muslim world, although non-Muslims remain prohibited from entering the city.

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Varanasi: world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities

Varanasi, often referred to as Benares or Kashi the city of light, is considered India’s most holiest destination by Hindus, Jains and Buddhist believers.  This charming place lying on the banks of the celebrated River Ganges is also considered the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities.  Indeed for thousands of years, its attracted some of the most important philosophers and philosophers, as well as being a key artistic magnet, especially with classical music.  It has today a variety of beautiful temples, ashrams and plenty of museums and is a key centre for education.  Perhaps the city main attraction is its Ghats, those set of stairs leading to the holly Ganges river, where pilgrims and believers from all over India to cremate those that left or simply clean themselves of their sins.  Varanasi is by all mean one of India’s most colourful, spiritual and unique destination, for many the gateway to the other world, and for other a captivating place offering a memorable experience.

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Chambord Chateau

Chambord Chateau: one of France most recognizable palaces

The royal Château de Chambord is one of France most recognizable palaces with its very distinct French Renaissance architecture which blends of traditional French medieval forms.  The building, which was never completed and considered the largest château in the Loire Valley, was constructed by King François I in part to be near to his mistress the Comtesse de Thoury. 

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Bora Bora

Bora Bora: one of the world’s most sought after tropical paradises

Bora Bora is one of the world’s most sought after tropical paradises famous for its aqua-centric luxury resorts.  It is a remote island part of the Leeward group within French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean.  It is surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef and has at its heart the remnants of an extinct volcano rising to two peaks, Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu, with the highest point at 727 metres (2,385 ft).  In recent years Bora Bora has become a major international tourist destination.

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