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NAPlay with characters from the TV show, PAW Patrol: Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Skye & Zuma! Control the pups with easy swipe and finger-trace gestures! Over 30 levels to explore! Complete mini-games to unlock special moves and make the pups do amazing aerial tricks! Earn badges for completing a mission, collecting pup treats, and unlocking new moves!

App details:

  • Original Title: PAW Patrol Air & Sea
  • ASIN: B01CT6W0U0
  • Type: App
  • Brand: Nickelodeon
  • Hardware Platform: Android
  • Product Type: Mobile Application
  • Product Category: Kids
  • Label: Nickelodeon
  • Manufacturer: Nickelodeon
  • MPM: net.pluginmedia.pawpatrolflyer
  • OS: Android
  • Product Group: Mobile Application
  • Publisher: Nickelodeon
  • Relaase date: 2017-10-05
  • Studio:¬†Nickelodeon
  • Sequence: 26549492
  • Price: ¬£3.01