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NAUniversal app for iPad/iPhone/iPod 850 best paintings by over 200 painters Download HD pictures from server in photoalbum Getting the HD version of each picture (from 1000*1200 to 7689*4215 pixels) via email Separation of paintings by genres, time of year, styles, authors Easily search for paintings Custom filter results Favorites Slideshow Send pictures via email Public pictures on Facebook

App details:

  • Original Title: Landscape painting HD
  • ASIN: B00M1U6J8E
  • Type: App
  • Brand: Evolution Apps
  • Hardware Platform: Android
  • Product Type: Mobile Application
  • Product Category: Lifestyle
  • Label: Evolution Apps
  • Manufacturer: Evolution Apps
  • MPM: com.macsoftex.amazongallery.landscapeshd
  • OS: Android
  • Product Group: Mobile Application
  • Publisher: Evolution Apps
  • Relaase date: 2014-07-24
  • Studio: Evolution Apps
  • Sequence: 25328524
  • Price: £1.17