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NAfeaturing more than 100 footage clips of galaxies, planets, stars, the earth & the moon folder sections for different clip types full collection playback mode three space music albums from the projects Science O.C.N, Jens Ladwig and Alan J Bound special Dolby Digital 5.1 music mix from the Science O.C.N. album more than two hours of music shuffle playback mode for both videos and music video quality selection for different devices and bandwidths sleep timer option from 0-120 minutes to terminate app and set device into default sleep mode

App details:

  • Original Title: Galactic Space Journey HD [5.1 Dolby Digital Music + 1hr video]
  • ASIN: B01375XL7I
  • Type: App
  • Brand: BOB-MEDIA
  • Hardware Platform: WebApp
  • Product Type: Mobile Application
  • Product Category: Lifestyle
  • Label: BOB-MEDIA
  • Manufacturer: BOB-MEDIA
  • MPM: com.amazon.rialto.cordova.webapp.webapp8c01ab9739fc4f718a0c4ed95cbb6e77
  • OS: Android
  • Product Group: Mobile Application
  • Publisher: BOB-MEDIA
  • Relaase date: 2016-08-19
  • Studio: BOB-MEDIA
  • Sequence: 26703150
  • Price: £1.69