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Douglas Pike, an eminent authority on Southeast Asia and particularly on Vietnam, wrote: “Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan is a highly respected economist and political thinker. Even perhaps for our purpose here, he is a man of great breadth of view, a philosopher in the true meaning of the word…” In America Coming to Terms, Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan addresses himself to the central issue of the Vietnam War. This ambitious study seeks to place the U.S. involvement in Vietnam into the broader context of American and world history. The legacy of the Vietnam War remains a critical topic, particularly with the war in Iraq generating the specter of conflicting partisan politics in a deeply divided country. America’s involvement in Vietnam was misunderstood at the time and is still misrepresented now. As the Iraq War often invites comparisons with the Vietnam War, a full understanding of the U.S. experience in Vietnam is essential. More importantly, lessons learned from Vietnam can be applied to Iraq at present as well as to any U.S. conflict in the future. America Coming to Terms will help the American public to better understand the real legacy of the Vietnam War. It will provide Americans – liberal as well as conservative, Democrat as well as Republican – with substantive reasons to be united and to be proud of America. Most importantly, it will meaningfully impact the writing of American history for future generations and change for the better the world’s perception of the American people and of America. Steven Hayward, a most distinguished scholar wrote: “Revisionist historians two or three generations from now are likely to begin making the argument that the United States won the ultimate victory in the Vietnam War, and that it should be seen as the turning point in the Cold War…” In America Coming to Terms, Dr. Tuan set the record straight that – notwithstanding a number of mistakes that were committed – not only America won the Cold War but, ultimately, also won the Vietnam War.

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