Did you ever thought you can live to be a 100 years old?  What if I told you that it is not that unusual anymore. Indeed as more and more different researches show , there are a variety of things you can do today, to make sure you will live longer and healthier.  Some researchers even predict that many of the children born after the year 2000 will have a big chance to celebrate their hundredth birthday.  Let see in more details the 100 ways you can improve your chances to live to be a 100.


The facts about centenaries

Before we will go any further in the top 100 things you should do, let’s go over the current facts about today’s centenaries and what is expected in the future.  First in the US and then worldwide.

Centenaries in the USA

It is said that the US has the most centenarians in the world. The conservative figure shows at least 50,000 people and even some statistics showing more then 72,000.  A number that will keep increasing in the next decade.  Some physicians even predicts that currently, up to 3% of the  girls, and 1.5% of the boys will be lucky enough to live to be 100. It is also important to understand that the benefits and results of science and medicine are usually exponential and that we could discover ways to live even longer and healthier (just as some of the sea tortoises).  It is not science fiction anymore to expect that over a million people can live to be centenarians by 2050 in the United States alone.


In other places of the world, the trend is similar.  Some of the latest data shows that there are between 450,000 and half a million centenaries worldwide.  Japan is the favourite (excluding the US) with 30,000 centenarians, a number that quadrupled in the last 10 years.  The current oldest person(Yone Minigawa) resides in Japan and is 114.
In Europe, Spain tops the list with about 10,000 centenarians.  It is closely followed by the UK with 9000 centenarians , a 90-fold increase since 1911 and 7%increase from 2005.  Those numbers will double or triple in the next decade or two.  In the UK for example, they are expecting to have some 40,000 centenaries by 2031.  France and Italy also have a few people living to be a 100, with numbers between 3,000 and 5,000 centenarians.
China’s case is not that impressive today, with only 7000 centenarians  for a population of over a billion people but these number are expected to grow to over 450,000 by 2050.
Canada is another of the top countries where people live the longest with currently about 5,000 centenarians.

Regions where people live the longest

Blue zone countries world map

The blue zone and where people live the longest

The blue zone correspond to 4 specific world regions where people have above average life spans.  They are called blue zones as the demographer who first highlighted those hotspots on a world map did it with a blue marker.   Those regions include Okinawa in Japan, a part of Sardinia in Italy, the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica and Loma Linda in California, home to the 7 day Adventist.
Let’s try to understand how people from those regions manage to have a much longer, healthier and happier life.

Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa is a large group of 161 islands, located in the south of Japan, blessed with warm climate and beautiful beaches.  This community mainly have a plant-based diet (with occasional pork) including lots of tofu (soy foods), sweet potatoes, goya and other vegetables.
They are used to a very active lifestyle, especially with natural exercise such as the need to get up and down from the floor where they sit.  Other activities include daily gardening which is helpful to reduce stress and contributes to their diet.
They also have a strong value system.  Each member know exactly what there “Ikigai” is, a Japanese word describing one’s life purpose.  Indeed having a clear reason to get up in the morning helps them feel needed well into the ages past 100. They are also known to have a very close social circle which provides them with security, emotional and financial support.
Finally they have regular exposure to the sun ,which provides them with Vitamin D which gives them stronger bones.

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is one of the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea located south of Italy. Most centenaries are situated in the mountainous heart of the island.  They have a plant-based diet (only occasionally with meat) including beans, whole grain breads, lots of fruits and garden vegetables.  They also mainly use mastic oil and goat milk, both which was proven to be really beneficial for the heart. Their red wine has a an above average concentration of flavonoids which plays a vital role against cancer. 
Their value system is based around the family unit, which support each other into old age and benefit from the exchange of wisdom and traditions.
This community of long living Sardinians are mostly shepherds in the mountain.  Therefore long walks (at least 5 miles per day) is a normal part of their day.
Finally they are known to laugh a lot which make their day more fun and reduce their stress level.

Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

The Nicoya Peninsula is a beautiful region in South America separated from the Costa Rica mainland by the Gulf of Nicoya. The centenaries community living there have lighter dinner and earlier in the evening, which is better for digestion when going to sleep.  Their water was also proven to have the country’s highest calcium content, which can help to keep healthier bones.

They work hard and are daily expose to the sun , which have a positive effect on both their wellbeing and health.

Finally this community of Costa Rican is family focus, with the elderly living with the family.  They have tight relationship not only with the family but with the people living close by which whom they share stories and laugh a lot.

Loma Linda, California

The last group part of the blue zone are the Seventh Day Adventist community located in Loma Linda on a hilltop near Los Angeles.  They have their own medical canter and university. They claim that they take their diet right from the Bible, with includes lots of nuts, plants, and a minimal intake of meats.  Both their diet and their daily exercise habit are reflected in the above average appropriate BMI of their members.

Their value system is centred around the community with specific time during the day spent with close friends.  They also volunteer and help each other a lot, which gives them meaning and avoids depression.

What you should know about Genetics and longevity

The latest researches shows that only 10% are dependent on your genes and up to 90% on your lifestyle.  Meaning that what you eat, with who you eat and other variables have a profound impact on whether or not you will live a long life or not.  All the things that you have an influence on.  It is not a surprise that the overall growing world’s standard of living have a positive correlation with the numbers of centenaries. 
However, the older you get, the more genes play a factor, some scientist say.  Indeed, you have more chance to live an extremely long life if one of your parent or grandparents managed to live long.  This is because those centenarians are able to easily bounce back from any health related problems (such as cancer and other )and remain relatively healthy until their final days.
So we may advice you to choose your parents wisely but the real tip would be to focus on making change on yourself and the environment you are in.  Things you do have a impact on.

Top ways to live a 100

Before I get into the details of the 100 best ways to live a 100, I want to give you the overall obvious tips.  To stay healthy and live long you will need to live an active life, both mentally and physically, eat well, do regular checkups and be constantly on the lookout for the best ways to achieve your goals. Another fundamental element is to have a real purpose to wake up every morning and feel part of a community.
Those tips are divided into the following categories:

  1. Lifestyle tips
  2. Physical tips
  3. Brain tips
  4. Diet tips
  5. Medical tips

Some of the tips such as the no smoking advice will seem obvious, but others might not be so straightforward and might not work for everyone.   I always suggest to do make your own test, take whatever works best in your case and leave the rest. 
Here is the top 100 list.  Each item will be described further down.

Relationships and Lifestyle tips

  1. Stay married
  2. Spend time with close ones
  3. Put love ones first
  4. Have a mission
  5. Find meaningful work
  6. Have a simple life
  7. Choose who you surrounds with carefully
  8. Have a purpose when you retire
  9. Be social
  10. Be positive
  11. Share a hug
  12. Minimalise
  13. Take it easy
  14. Belong to a community
  15. Pick the right tribe
  16. Laugh a lot
  17. Have a dog
  18. Live near caring family
  19. Don’t over work
  20. Be optimistic about your aging
  21. Check the air quality
  22. Make sure to put your seat belt on
  23. Smile
  24. Be happy
  25. Give some love
  26. Enjoy the moment
  27. Don’t live with regrets
  28. Be yourself
  29. Love your kids
  30. Be part of cultural events
  31. Volunteer
  32. Travel
  33. Listen to music
  34. Read
  35. Be close to nature

Physical tips

  1. Move naturally
  2. Exercise daily
  3. Walk
  4. Swim
  5. Stretch
  6. Eat well
  7. Maintain your ideal weight
  8. Drink moderately
  9. Lift weights
  10. Don’t smoke
  11. Watch for second-hand smoke
  12. Reduce stress
  13. Avoid too much sun
  14. Floss regularly
  15. Sleep well
  16. Stay away from unprotected sexual behaviour
  17. Be sexually active
  18. Breath well
  19. Have a good posture
  20. Turn the volume down
  21. Do your warm ups and cool downs
  22. Do crunches
  23. Wash your hands
  24. Get yourself a massage

Brain tips

  1. Train your mind
  2. Give your brain a workout
  3. Always keep learning
  4. Stay in school
  5. Play an instrument
  6. Stay up to date with technology
  7. Eat brain food

Diet tips

  1. Reduce the calories intake
  2. Have a plant based diet
  3. Have a low fat diet
  4. Eat nuts
  5. Eat fish
  6. Drink green tea
  7. Take vitamins
  8. Drink red wine
  9. Cut on the coffee
  10. Watch for processed meats
  11. Watch what you snack
  12. Avoid red meat
  13. Avoid sweats
  14. Reduce carbohydrates
  15. Eat breakfast
  16. Eat smaller but more frequent meals
  17. Add some spice
  18. Vary your diet
  19. Drink water
  20. Drink cranberry juice
  21. Eat more in the morning then at night

Medical tips

  1. Visit the Doctor Regularly
  2. Check your doctor
  3. Go to the Dentist
  4. Take aspirin
  5. Take supplemental calcium
  6. Understand your family history
  7. Follow the prescriptions
  8. Learn to cope with stress
  9. Check for skin cancer
  10. Check for diastolic blood pressure
  11. Check your systolic blood pressure
  12. Check blood sugar
  13. Check your cholesterol level


Stay married

Numerous studies have indicated that married people lived on average a longer and happier life than single people.   Indeed, overall there is a higher death rate for people who are unmarried.  Therefore it is important to choose your life partner carefully and then stick together if you want to live to a really old age.

Spend time with close ones

It is important to spent time with close friends and loved one as it is a crucial part of your wellbeing.  Make sure you develop those relationship throughout your life and not be left alone once you manage to live longer.

Put love ones first

If you will want to spend quality time with love ones (the tip above), you will need to make some decisions and make sure you have your priority right.  Perhaps establish some family rituals.  For example, you may have a lunch or dinner once a week, or in our case (as we all live in different countries) have family meetups once or twice a year.  Ensure that you make those moments special and make an effort to avoid any conflicts.  Another tip would be to setup a site, dedicated to family reunion, where all the members can add pictures, videos, and other content.

Have a mission

Just as every business should have a mission (a part from just making money), so as every individual should have a mission statement.  If you haven’t done it already, make sure you know exactly what is your life purpose.  You should always have a new challenge.  Will that be finishing a course, learn a language  or visit a specific place.  Have a specific reason to get up in the morning is an essential characteristic of centenaries.

Find Meaningful work

As you end up passing a lot of time at work in your life, it is essential that you find something meaningful, something you are truly passionate about. Ideally work that adds value to this world. Think about your legacy. Having meaningful work (even if it might be less financially rewarding) will make up for a longer and much happier life, then if you just work for work.

Have a simple life

Some people have a very complex life, with many things, rules and objects.  Sometimes however, they lose in the process what is essential.  At the end,  not all things are equal, and family, close friend (as we mentioned earlier), your passion and whatever you setup as essential should come first.  Try to be minimalistic, as it will guarantee focusing more on what is truly important to you and eventually add up to a longer life.  Many of today’s centenaries have understood this and it certainly contributes to their longer life.

Choose who you surrounds with carefully

You can’t choose your family or you genes, but what you can certainly do it is to select the people you surround yourself with.  It might not come as a surprise, that  if you tend to surround yourself with boring or depressing people,  you are more likely to become like them.  Therefore try to surround yourself with fun, funny and interesting people.  People that do stuff, that are creative and have a positive mental attitude.  Make your life as interesting and fun as possible by surrounding yourself with the right crowd.  Perhaps with those of the blue zone, that wish to live to be a 100.

Have a purpose when you retire

It is common to hear people dying not long after they retire.  This is mainly due because of lack of meaning in their life.  Make sure you have a clear purpose when you retire and do things that add value to your life and the life of others.

Be social

The famous classic philosopher Aristotle said about our species that we are social animals, which turns out to be completely true.  Try to meet one person a day and make sure your take the effort of socialising.  It will not only challenge your brain, being in a new social interaction, but you might get a friend for life.

Be positive

You become what you think about most of the day.  It will even become your subconscious after a while.  Therefore make sure that you are as positive as you can be.  Train yourself to eliminate bad thoughts and surround yourself with positive people as well. You can’t control the events that come in your life, but what you can do is determine if those will affect you.  It was proven that positive mental attitude can both lengthen your life and make it more pleasurable.

Share a Hug

Many experiences has proven that a brief hug or even just holding hand can have a huge effect on your health. Indeed it will reduce stress and may lower your heart rates and blood pressure by up to 50 percent.  So make sure to always hug your loved ones.


Having a minimalist lifestyle is getting more and more popular.  You should only have the things the you really need and try to forget about the rest.  When you minimalise, and remove all which is not essential will help you remove stress and focus on the essential.  You don’t have to do everything at once, try one task at a time and enjoy it fully.

Take it easy

Make sure you plan ahead,  take the habit to be 15 minutes earlier.  It will remove a lot of stress and will make you feel more in control and more relax.  Take it easy on all other distractions as well such as TV, radio and the web.

Belong  to a community

Many of today’s centenaries belong to a community and many say that it is one of the reasons they made it that far.  Make sure you belong and participate in a community.  It can be spiritual or otherwise but it will have the benefits of giving you more support.

Pick the right tribe

The people surrounding you have a huge impact on all aspect of your life and especially your on your health.  You should surround yourself with those that share similar values, ideally those of the Blue Zone tribe.  Other people that have a negative influence might need to be push a bit further away from your life.

Laugh a lot

Often you will hear the laughter is the best medicine.  It is very true.  Regions where people laugh a lot, like Montreal where the famous Just for Laugh (Just pour rire) festival is located tend to be much healthier and happier, which at the end of the day will have an enormous impact on their longevity.  There are several reasons for this, including reducing stress and improving your state of relaxation (which helps you sleep well), both caused by the increases of oxygen flow throughout your body. Laughter was also proven to strengthen your immune system and lowers blood sugar levels in diabetics.  Therefore make sure to laugh a lot each day, by making time to watch a funny stand up or a good comedy.  Try to surround yourself with funny people or with the "class clown" that will make your laugh as well.

Have a dog

It was proven numerous time, that having a dog in the household will help its members to reduce the stress level and make everyone happier.  Other medical benefits include decreasing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol.  It is also good for your overall exercise habits, as dog owners tend to exercise much more than the rest.  Just going for the daily morning walk with your pet, is a natural and beneficial exercise.  Finally all the love and affection a dog will give you, can’t be compared to anything.  Like the famous joke goes: try to put your wife in the truck of your car, and then put your dog, and see which one will be happier to see you after an hour.

Live near caring family

Family is important and living close to her or close to very good friends, might add up to half a year of longevity.  Seeing them a couple days a week would be ideal.

Don’t over work

I know some people that work up to 80 hours a week.  It might be productive for a while, but on the long run your health will suffer, not to mention the other aspect of you live such as your family and relationships.  Ideally you shouldn’t work more them 40/50 hours per week, including your commuting time.

Be optimistic about your aging

The way you think and visualize yourself aging have a direct impact on how you will age and how healthy you will be.  So every time you think about the future, make sure to see yourself looking good and sexy with a big smile on your face.

Check the air quality

It is well known that some cities have better and worse air pollution. Try to avoid those industrial areas with  lots of smog if you can and opt for more suburban areas or country sides.

Make sure to put your seat belt on

Putting on your seat belt might save your life, so make sure it becomes a habit each time you enter a car.


"When you are smiling the whole world is smiling with you" (Louis Armstrong lyrics).  Indeed smiling, will help you see the world in a different light. It has the benefits of lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, and make you feel more relax and contribute to your overall happiness.

Be happy

Happiness plays a crucial role in longevity.  Way more than people are expecting. Make sure you have your close friends nearby so that you can share together your happy times.

Give some love

Giving love is an essential part of life and it will greatly boost you happiness level.  You will always find mean and rude persons, but you should forget about them and make sure you are a nice an loving person.  It doesn’t cost your nothing but it will add to a long and beautiful life.

Enjoy the moment

It is important to plan for the future, and remember some of your past, but most of the time it should be spent in the present.  When you enjoy the moment it is the only time you are fully in control.

Don’t live with regrets

It is said the people mostly regret things they never did as opposed to the things they did.  Therefore make sure you live your life to the fullest , so you won’t have anything to regret later on. Do it now, and don’t be afraid to fail.

Be yourself

Make sure to be yourself and don’t try to be anyone else. You are your own boss, and be yourself will guarantee you a longer and better life.

Love your kids

Lot of people are saying the they are reliving their life a second time through their kids.  This proves to be totally correct and it will help you keep yourself young in the heart. Not to mention all the things you can teach them and the new ideas you can learn from them.

Be part of cultural events

The American Academy of Neurology proved that cognitively active seniors, those that are part of cultural events are much less likely to suffer dementia or develop Alzheimer’s. So make sure you are the first to be part of them.


It was recently proven that volunteering is not only beneficial for your social interaction but it can also be good for you your brain health.  Not to mention that you will have the satisfaction of making the world just a bit better.


Travel can change your life, and have a great impact on how you perceive the world.  It is a good mental stimulation, which can add up for a long and interesting life. Make sure your travel a lot and discover the other world’s cultures.

Listen to music

It was proven many times over that music can have a powerful impact on your life.  It can have numerous effects on your mood, from boosting your creativity to enhancing your sporting performance.  Make sure you always listen to music as it is one of the best therapy for a long life.


Reading a good book have many benefits but who would expect that it can actually lower your heart-disease risk.  It is also good practice to read out loud to your loved ones for half an hour per day.

Be close to nature

Everyone knows the feeling to be totally immersed in nature.  It makes you feel better by removing the stress.  Therefore try to spent some time, walking in the woods or at least in a park if you live in the city.


Move naturally

The trick is to try to be active without really thinking about it. As the Sicilian do when they take the stairs in their multi levels houses. Make those activities a normal part of your day.  Other ways would be to inconvenience yourself, by for example removing all the remotes to your electronics, selling your car and getting yourself a bike.

Exercise daily

Exercise is the oil lubrificant, as it will help you reduce your waistline but also has the positive effects of increased endorphins. Other benefits include building muscles, making your heart stronger (by pumping more blood with less effort) lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, prevents and controls diabetes.  You need to keep moving will that be by walking, dancing or practicing your favourite sport. As the saying goes a healthy mind in a healthy body. Exercising alone can add between 1 and 4 years to your life.


Almost all the centenarians alive today have the habit of going for long walks every day.  It is a very natural and enjoyable activity.  You might have the pleasure to socialize along the way as well.


From all the physical activities you can do, the best one I should recommend is swimming.  It will train your muscles, your cardio, and is not as hard on your bones and joints as other sports.  It will also make your feel more relaxed afterwards.


Stretch regularly to maintain your flexibility.  Even 20 minutes a day can make a huge impact.  I suggest to make it a habit and do it in the morning after waking up.

Eat well

Without getting into too much details about your diet (as there is a section reserve to it), you should try to eat properly, go easy on the fast foods and sugars.  This also mean have a diversified diet and at the appropriate time.  Avoid eating before night.

Maintain your ideal weight

Your ideal weight is related to your height, gender and muscle mass.  A good indicator is the BMI index. Please consider that if your train a lot, your BMI might be higher because of muscle and not fat (which is fine).  However, being overweight will definitely limit your chances of having a long life.

Drink moderately

Don’t drink too much and watch what you drink.  Beers, cocktails are fine occasionally, but aren’t the same as a glass of wine over dinner. Indeed a lot of research suggests the drinking wine can be beneficial for your health.  Ideally not more than four drinks per day for men and two for women.  On the other hand too much alcohol will harm both your physical and mental health and will shorten your life.

Lift weights

Lifting weights shouldn’t be only practice by body builders.  It is a good exercise for people of all ages as not only it will build muscle, which will make you feel stronger but also will prevent osteoporosis.

Don’t smoke

Don’t smoke at all. Quite obvious this one. I know everyone know someone that lived quite old and still smoked a couple of cigarettes.  Perhaps, but that person could have lived even longer and healthier.   Some researches reveal that adult male smokers lost approximately 13.2 years of their lives and female smokers lost 14.5 years of their lives because of smoking. Plus, chronic diseases caused by smoking tended to curtail the quality of life of smokers while they were still alive.

Watch for second-hand smoke

If you don’t smoke, make sure you are not affected by second-hand smoke as it will have a huge impact on your health.  Luckily for us, more and more countries in Europe and north America banned smoking in public places such as bars and restaurants.

Reduce stress

Eliminate unnecessary stress as it may have a huge impact on your life span.

Avoid too much sun

It was proven over and over that too much ultraviolet rays , too much exposure to the sun could have a negative impact on your skin, with higher risk of skin cancer and may also increase wrinkles on your body.  If you do love sunbathing make sure you always wear some sunscreen (at least SPF 30) and perhaps limit your exposure during peak hours.

Floss regularly

Flossing should become one of those habit that you will implement as it will add a year in your life if you do it on a daily basis.  Indeed physician now understand the relation between inflammation of gum disease and heart disease.

Sleep well

Sleeping is a big part of your life and contribute to your health and longevity. Therefore you should make sure that you sleep well and sleep enough, ideally between six and nine hours per night.  There are many techniques you can use to make sure you have a perfect night sleep and feel rested and ready to attack the new day.

Stay away from unprotected sexual behaviour

This one is quite obvious.  Always make sure to protect yourself when engaging in an risky sexual liaison.

Be sexually active

Being sexually active with not only be beneficial in your relationships but it has also proven to have quite positive effects on your heart.  Not to mention the psychological benefits of well being and removing pain and stress.

Breath well

Breathing is such an essential part of our life, but so many of us seem to forget this.  The more conscious you can be about breathing, the better it will be for your body.  Make sure to take deep breaths every once in a while.

Have a good posture

Being conscious of your posture is essential.  Always make sure you are walking and sitting straight.  Try to avoid  sitting cross-legged as it can put excessive stress on your knees, hips and low back.

Turn the volume down

Try not to overexpose your ears to high volume as it can build up to further hearing difficulties.  Always have your radio, TV and PC put to a normal volume level.

Do your warm ups and cool downs

Make sure you always do you warming up and cooling down activities regardless of the sport you practice. It will better prepare you for that activity, help you get back to your normal state and will help you avoid any injuries.

Do crunches

Crunches should be an essential part of your workout.  It will help you build strong abs, reduce your belly fat, and reduce the risk of any heart diseases. No to mention that well built abs will make you look good and healthy.

Wash your hands

Always wash your hands.  Try to use liquid soap as germs can live on bars.

Get yourself a massage

Many researches seem to indicate that regular massage is good for your muscles  but it is also the perfect way to lower your heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety levels.  It will make you feel like a new person after each session.


Train your mind

Keep your brain active all the time.  There are plenty of ways to do that.  Will that be by reading, writing, finishing a crossword puzzle, playing games such as chess and bridge (both Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are big bridge fans).  It is important to understand that exercising your brain will be very beneficial for your cognitive abilities, especially as you age.  It will lower you risk of cognitive issues such of Alzheimer’s.

Give Your Brain a Workout

The same way you workout your body with various exercises and sports, you should work out your brain as well.  Indeed latest researches proved that people who regularly train mentally have a much lower risk of any cognitive impairment.

Always keep learning

As we mentioned earlier, all activities that somehow challenge your mind are beneficial for your brain and for your longevity.  Another way to put it is to make sure you always keep learning. Will that be from home, books , film or from all the content available online. Another suggestions, is to get involved in your children learning process if you have kids.

Stay in school

Researchers found out that there is a positive correlation between the years spent in school and the number of years you will live.  Indeed the more education you have the more chances you will have to live to a 100.  If you quit school at an early age, don’t worry but make sure to go back to it or study on your own.  Knowledge is power and it is also a sign of longevity.

Play an instrument

It was proven that kids that learn to play an instrument have on average better learning capacities and tend to be more focused.  Indeed to learn and play a musical instruments can be beneficial for your brain, by improving your memory, focus and also gives you more joy in your life.  All those elements can contribute to a longer life.

Stay up to date with technology

I always remind myself how grateful I am to be living in the 21st century, will all this amazing technology.  Not only it is very pleasurable to learn about the latest gadget, but it is a perfect way to keep your neuron going.

Eat brain food

Doing different exercise to train your mind is good to keep you brain from aging but some aliments can help boost it even more.  Thos includes beans, dark skinned fruits, olive oil, soy, oatmeal and nuts,


Reduce the calories intake

As the Japanese saying goes : "Hara hachi bi"; which can be translated to stop eating once the stomach is 80 percent full.  It takes about half an hour for your stomach to tell your brain that it is full, therefore eating only to 80% make sure you will never overeat. Some practical tips include to use smaller plates or focus only on eating while eating (instead of being distracted by any other things such as TV).  Another interesting technique, it to serve yourself, put the food away, and then eat (as opposed to leaving the rest of the food on the table).

Have a Plant-based diet

As the saying goes, "an apple a day, keeps the doctors away".  No, you don’t need to become a vegetarian, but you should boost up your intake of fruits and veggies. Use beans, rice or tofu as the anchor of your meals. 

Have a Low-fat Diet

This one is quite obvious as well.  All that fast food and fuzzy drinks aren’t good for your heath.  It is ok once in a while, and that means once or twice a month, but on a daily basis you should have a low fat diet and cut those calories if you want to live to be a 100.

Eat nuts

Have a 2-ounce handful of nuts daily.  They are not only very healthy, but they are also good for the brain.  No to mention it will prevent you from digging in the chip bag.

Eat Fish

Eating fish a couple of times a week can be very beneficial for you r health.  Indeed those omega-3’s fatty acids are really good for your blood stream and will cut the risk of heart disease.

Drink green Tea

Drinking tea can be really beneficial for you health as it will reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.  Try to reduce you coffee and soda intake and replace with green tea.

Take Vitamins

Taking vitamin on a daily basis will help you live longer as it will make sure you have all the elements your body require such as minerals, amino acids, herbal extracts, and other specialty nutrients.

Drink red wine

It is know that in the Mediterranean countries, such as Italy, they serve wine at the table to teens.  It not only make the meal more savoury but it is also recommend for better digestion and better blood flow.  Therefore we recommend to keep a bottle of red wine near your dinner table, keeping the daily intake to two servings or less.

Cut on the coffee

As we mentioned earlier drinking green tea have a positive impact on your health, however with coffee it might be the other way away and reduce your chance to live a 100.  Try to replace it with tea or just water, and if you are a big coffee lover try to limit your use and avoid drinking it on an empty stomach (ideally after lunch).

Watch for processed meats

processed meats such as hot dogs, chicken nuggets and bologna should be reduced to a minimum.  Ideally it should be limited to only one or two servings per week.

Watch what you snack

It is recommended not to snack between meals but if you really can’t wait some items are better than other.  Obviously fruit , veggies and nuts are better than any sort of sweets, chips or popcorn.  Other healthy items include yogurt and fruit based shakes.

Avoid red meat

I know there is a lot of red meat lover out there.  But if you are looking to live to a 100 eating red meat occasionally could really help you out. Ideally not more than twice per week.

Avoid sweats

As we mentioned earlier, it is good practice to avoid sweets when snacking, but it could be a healthy decision to remove it all together from your diet.  If you really can’t succumb to ice cream or a nice piece of cake or homemade pie try to treat it as a luxury once or twice a week.

Reduce carbohydrates

A carbohydrates is anything that is white like bread, French fries, potatoes, and even pasta.  Those might taste good, but aren’t adding up to a healthy diet.  You should use their brown or whole grain cousin instead.

Eat breakfast

As you might of heard already, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore try at least to eat something small if you aren’t that hungry in the morning.

Eat smaller but more frequent meals

It is never recommend to eat too much at once.  What is good proactive and especially popular in Asia is to have smaller portions more frequently during the day . Ideally a healthy snack every three hours will keep your metabolism high and your blood sugar and insulin levels steady.

Add some spice

Spicing up your cuisine will not only make it taste better but will add to a healthy diet.  Ideally high-antioxidant spices and herbs including red pepper, cinnamon, curry, ginger, thyme, oregano and rosemary.

Vary your diet

Make sure you aren’t always eating the same thing.  Varying your diet can be beneficial to your heath as it will make sure your body get all the various  nutrients it needs.

Drink water

Water is source of life.  Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day so you don’t dehydrated.  It will also help you reduce the snaking between meals. As with varying your diet, you should also vary you waters, so as to make sure you have an intake of various minerals.

Drink cranberry juice

It was proven that drinking cranberry juice on a daily basis, even is small quantities can have a huge positive impact on heart-disease risks.

Eat more in the morning then at night

Many physicians will recommend to eat more at breakfast then at dinner, however most of the people do exactly the opposite. 


Visit the Doctor Regularly

Going to the general practitioner at least once a year, is the best way to stay on track with your health.  It is always better to be preventive rather then reactive.  Spotting any issue sooner rather than later will help your lengthen your life

Check your doctor

I’m not saying not to trust you doctor,  because you should, but make sure you are in control of your own health.  There are so many resources about any medical issues, so that you can always double check any information given to you.  Sometimes it is good to have a second opinion from another specialist as well.

Go to the Dentist

Regularly visiting the dentist will not only make your teeth look better, but it might also help prevent diseases like gingivitis, which can in turn lead to more serious illness such as heart and respiratory diseases.

Take aspirin

Some doctors say that regularly taking aspirin  may have an impact on your long term health.  Indeed it will improve your brain health as well as you heart and perhaps avoid you a heart attack.

Take supplemental calcium

Supplemental calcium can be very beneficial and will help your bones stay stronger and healthier .

Understand your family history

The more you will know about your family medical history , the more you will be able to avoid and prevent any specific illness that may occur.  Make sure your learn from the mistakes of your elders, and make the right lifestyle adjustment.

Follow the prescriptions

Make sure to take medications as they are prescribed, as it will avoid any misuse or overdose.  You should always check with your doctor making sure you clearly know when and how to take your prescribed medicine.

Learn to cope with stress

Living in today’s world, especially in big cities, stress is inevitable. Therefore you should learn to cope with it.  Stress should either work as a motivator agent or you should have some techniques such as exercising, deep breathing or meditation to helps reduce it.  If stress have a negative impact on your life it won’t be beneficial for your long term health.

Check for skin cancer

Make sure to regularly screen for skin cancer by doing self-examinations and have regular screenings by your health care provider. Same should be done with breast or testicular cancer.

Check for diastolic blood pressure

Regularly check your diastolic blood pressure. It should be below 80.  Maintaining it at that level or even lower could add a full year to your life expectancy

Check your systolic blood pressure

Regularly check your systolic blood pressure. It should be below 120 as if yours is higher you will have a higher risk of developing heart disease. 

Check blood sugar

Same goes for you blood sugar. It should regularly be  checked to make sure everything is at the right level, especially if you are a diabetes.

Check your cholesterol level

Check your cholesterol regularly as it is important to keep the levels within healthy limits, especially if you have other risk factors for developing heart disease.  Your total cholesterol should be ideally be below 200 mg/dl.  As for your LDL or "bad" cholesterol level it should be below 129 and your HDL cholesterol or "good" cholesterol should be above 50 mg/dl.  Having your cholesterol level under control will improve your chance to live a longer life.


There is no one formula that will guarantee a long and healthful life.  There are however, many different tricks and habits that you can implement now to make sure you don’t shorten your life. Indeed your value system, diet, and exercise habits, each play a vital role.

So make sure you have a well-balanced lifestyle, have a plant based diet, including goat’s milk, goya, beans, and walnuts, exercise naturally by  walking, gardening, or swimming, spent time with family and loved ones and make sure you know exactly why you are waking up in the morning.  Hope to see you in the 22nd Century.